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Here’s Why “Modern” Doors Are (and Are Not) What You Think

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In interior design, trends are shaped by an ever-changing mix of culture and technology. When pressed wood floors became feasible for middle-class homes, people clamored to have them. It’s no surprise that the trends and dreams from this era were full of minimalist designs, inspired by the possibilities that technology promised and a culture full of hope.

Technological Trends

The fantasy of minimalist dent-free modern front doors never entered the mainstream for many reasons. However, those who wish to pursue it nowadays find themselves able to in a way people in the 50’s never could have imagined. Doors are now made of more durable materials, and are engineered to protect the home against far more threats. The invisible “trend” that emerged in response to technology is a trend toward better safety, energy efficiency, and durability.

Cultural Trends

For others, the greatest development for modern entry doors has been the breadth of materials and information available to the average consumer. Because homes in neighborhoods can be nearly identical, homeowners have significant interest in showing their individuality. While this problem is nothing new, laypeople have access to many more building options.

Combined Trends

Thanks to the internet, anyone interested in design has access a wealth of information, leading to smarter design choices and greater freedom overall. In this sense, all doors are “modern doors”; even DIY refurbished antique doors are “modern” when you take into account how baffled a person from the 50’s would be by the accessibility of Pinterest and smaller, safer power tools.

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