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Selecting your home design and interior decoration is an intensely personal process. You may elicit the help of a design professional, but they merely translate your preferences in to tangible objects, paint colors, and art selections. It seems fitting then, that when you are ready to select the doors for your home, the same care should be used. If your eyes are the gateway to your soul, then a front door is the gateway to your home’s design experience.

ETO Doors carries literally hundreds of door styles, with various materials in various sizes. We’re confident that even the most discerning home owner could find a door they adore when searching on But, with that same confidence, we appreciate the desire for uniqueness. With that appreciation, we created our Custom Door Department, which is run by men who have more than 25 years of experience in milling and carpentry.

The Process

1. Decide What Style of Door You Want. ETO Doors employs an experienced Sales Team ready to take your questions or your order. While you can place orders direct through the website, we believe the sales team/customer interaction is integral for your satisfaction. You can call 888 DOORS ETO to speak with a Team member, or simply go to our website a select the ‘Live Chat’ feature to connect. A team member can walk you through the considerations of a custom door, and help you with the next steps.

2. Design the Door. The Custom Door process is contained within the website at If you’re unclear about how to proceed, just give us a call!

3. Place The Order. Wait. And Install. Our Custom Department is open five days a week, working to ensure your custom doors are created in a reasonable time. Rush service is available for an additional fee, and remember to locate a professional to install the door if you’re not comfortable with the installation process on your own. (Not sure if you’re ready to DIY your door installation? Check out our blogs and Videos on door installation to learn more!).

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