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Choosing the Right Wine Cellar Door

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If you love wine, having a wine cellar is a perfect way to store your collection of vintage bottles. Many wine aficionados have wine cellars featured as an integral part of their home with entrances from their kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms. This means that the doorway to the wine cellar has to be considered as part of the overall look of the home. From solid wood doors to doors with windows, there are many different efficient and stylish choices for entrances to wine cellars.


People who want a classic and dramatic look for their wine cellar doors might choose solid wood interior doors with carvings and decorations that are inspired by homes and castles that are hundreds of years old. If you have a more modern home, you might choose to use more contemporary looks such as mahogany doors with large glass windows. With the many types of wine cellar doors available at places like ETO Doors, wine lovers have plenty of options when it comes to selecting the right door for their home decor.


When you are purchasing a door, make sure that you buy one that is intended to be used as an entrance to a wine cellar. Wine cellar doors are specifically designed to control the temperature, humidity and other environmental factors within a wine cellar. These doors need to be airtight in order to regulate the conditions within the wine cellar. You will need to make sure that they door is fitted tight and has weather stripping.



Selecting a Front Door that Creates a Lasting Impression

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Your front door is one of the major exterior and interior design components to your home.  Not only does it communicate a message about your style and personality, but it also is the first line of defense against break-ins.  Here are three things to consider when selecting your front door:

1.      Your Design Style

If you haven’t figured out your design style yet, there are a few resources online that can guide you through the process.  Front doors are made to accommodate most any design aesthetic, including contemporary, modern, country, and classic designs.  For one of the largest selections of residential doors online, check out or call 888 DOORS ETO to speak with a team member about the best design for your home or office.

2.      The Door Material

While doors used to be isolated to wood material, they now are also available in metal/aluminum, wood, and fiberglass options.  Each material has its share of benefits and limitations, particularly with respect to the climate in which the door will be installed. If your door will be exposed to extreme heat and a dry climate, special attention will need to be put towards selecting the wood species to avoid splitting and shrinkage. Aluminum doors create a beautiful front door entryway, but if you live in climates with a proper winter, a thermal break installation will be key for you and your family’s comfort.

3.      Security Options

The lock selected for your front door is another key component of your door system. Deadbolts are standard feature, but there are multi-point locking systems that add additional security, but maintain a single key function, thereby avoiding multiple keyed spaces on the door.  Your door salesperson should be able to assist in the selection of your locks, and if you want to discuss the lock options without committing to a door quite yet, try using ETO Doors Live Chat function to speak with an experienced team member about your front door locking needs.

These are just a few options to consider when selecting your front door, as with most home improvement projects, speaking with a professional in the respective improvement area is the safest way to avoid a DIY disaster.  The ETO Doors team is standing by M-F from 8a-5p PST to assist at 888 DOORS ETO or by going online at


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Selecting your home design and interior decoration is an intensely personal process. You may elicit the help of a design professional, but they merely translate your preferences in to tangible objects, paint colors, and art selections. It seems fitting then, that when you are ready to select the doors for your home, the same care should be used. If your eyes are the gateway to your soul, then a front door is the gateway to your home’s design experience.

ETO Doors carries literally hundreds of door styles, with various materials in various sizes. We’re confident that even the most discerning home owner could find a door they adore when searching on But, with that same confidence, we appreciate the desire for uniqueness. With that appreciation, we created our Custom Door Department, which is run by men who have more than 25 years of experience in milling and carpentry.

The Process

1. Decide What Style of Door You Want. ETO Doors employs an experienced Sales Team ready to take your questions or your order. While you can place orders direct through the website, we believe the sales team/customer interaction is integral for your satisfaction. You can call 888 DOORS ETO to speak with a Team member, or simply go to our website a select the ‘Live Chat’ feature to connect. A team member can walk you through the considerations of a custom door, and help you with the next steps.

2. Design the Door. The Custom Door process is contained within the website at If you’re unclear about how to proceed, just give us a call!

3. Place The Order. Wait. And Install. Our Custom Department is open five days a week, working to ensure your custom doors are created in a reasonable time. Rush service is available for an additional fee, and remember to locate a professional to install the door if you’re not comfortable with the installation process on your own. (Not sure if you’re ready to DIY your door installation? Check out our blogs and Videos on door installation to learn more!).

Locking Your Front Door

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Locks haven’t seemed to change much since the creation of the deadbolt. You have the standard bottom lock, and the very common deadbolt lock which is typically located above the bottom/entry lock. Absent misuse and normal wear and tear, these two combine for a very simple way to secure your home. Here are the top three ways to use a classic locking system for your front door:


  • Deadbolt. As discussed above, the deadbolt is a standard for most old and new builds. The solid metal bolt moves horizontally from the inside of the door to the inside of your door frame, this does not make the entryway impenetrable, but it does make breaking into your home more time-consuming, which is always a deterrent for thieves.
  • Mortise lock. Unlike the deadbolt mentioned above, this lock requires a special prep for your front door. Your carpenter or door manufacturer will create a pocket, officially called a “mortise pocket”, and will then slide the locking system into the pocket, securing it with a special locking bolt system provided by the lock manufacturer. The mortise lock is common with commercial door entryways and in aluminum doors, but can be used in wood and fiberglass doors as well.
  • Trilenium lock. A European-style classic, the Trilenium lock is a complex three-part locking system that is as beautiful as it is effective. The locking points are located along a two foot portion of the door, like the mortise and the deadbolt lock, the Trilenium lock does not make your door impenetrable, but it does add two more locking points that most burglars are not expecting. The installation requires a manufacturer template and an experienced carpenter or door manufacturer to ensure all points match perfectly. Unless you are a licensed contractor or carpenter, the Trilenium lock is NOT a DIY project.