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Front Door Decorations

Front Door Decorations

It’s that time of year again, pre-holiday preparations. It’s only September, but in a mere thirty days, the U.S. will be full speed ahead in the holiday season of October, November, and December. Each month has its share of holidays, and respective decorations. The front door is prime real estate for decor, the most popular being the wreath. Crafted from the fall harvest’s left... [Read more]

Three Ways To Change Your Door (without a big change to your bank account).

Three Ways To Change Your Door (without a big change to your bank account).

The economy is bouncing back, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to put down serious cash for a full remodel of your home. The good news is, you don’t have to. Here are three easy ways to change your door and keep your hard-earned cash safe where you want it- wherever that may be. Buy a new door. Yes, we said it would be inexpensive options, and the truth is, many great doors... [Read more]

Here’s Why “Modern” Doors Are (and Are Not) What You Think

In interior design, trends are shaped by an ever-changing mix of culture and technology. When pressed wood floors became feasible for middle-class homes, people clamored to have them. It’s no surprise that the trends and dreams from this era were full of minimalist designs, inspired by the possibilities that technology promised and a culture full of hope. Technological Trends The fantasy of minimalist... [Read more]

Choosing the Right Wine Cellar Door

If you love wine, having a wine cellar is a perfect way to store your collection of vintage bottles. Many wine aficionados have wine cellars featured as an integral part of their home with entrances from their kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms. This means that the doorway to the wine cellar has to be considered as part of the overall look of the home. From solid wood doors to doors with windows,... [Read more]

Selecting a Front Door that Creates a Lasting Impression

Your front door is one of the major exterior and interior design components to your home.  Not only does it communicate a message about your style and personality, but it also is the first line of defense against break-ins.  Here are three things to consider when selecting your front door: 1.      Your Design Style If you haven’t figured out your design style yet, there are a few resources... [Read more]


Selecting your home design and interior decoration is an intensely personal process. You may elicit the help of a design professional, but they merely translate your preferences in to tangible objects, paint colors, and art selections. It seems fitting then, that when you are ready to select the doors for your home, the same care should be used. If your eyes are the gateway to your soul, then a... [Read more]

Locking Your Front Door

Locks haven’t seemed to change much since the creation of the deadbolt. You have the standard bottom lock, and the very common deadbolt lock which is typically located above the bottom/entry lock. Absent misuse and normal wear and tear, these two combine for a very simple way to secure your home. Here are the top three ways to use a classic locking system for your front door: Deadbolt.... [Read more]